David Squires足球漫畫

The Illustrated History of Football (2016)
The Illustrated History of Football Hall of Fame (2017)
作者:David Squires(大衛.史基爾斯)







The Illustrated History of Football (2016)
The Illustrated History of Football Hall of Fame (2017)
Author: David Squires

“On the face of it this may look like a perfect lavatory book for dad for Christmas. But it is a lot more than that and well worth the read.” – This is from the review by the Daily Express on David Squires’ football comics.

Squires’ football comics collection was listed among the best sports books of the year by The Guardian late last year. The FIFA World Cup, held every four years, will arrive again soon, making it the perfect time to recommend some good football reads.

The destiny of Squires, who has relocated to Sydney for many years now, is closely connected with football. He has contributed a football-themed comic strip to The Guardian for years and has also designed mascots for English football league teams Swindon Town and West Ham United. In 2016 and 2017, he published collections of his football comics.

Comics tend to be longer stories like novels, but comics by Squires are individual short stories. His 2016 collection is an illustration of the history of football, comically depicting its origins, the first World Cup, and even the miracle of how Leicester City won the Premier League championship. His collection published in 2017 is a hall of fame of football heroes throughout the years with unique categories ranging from “gods” and “bosses” to “pioneers”.

Plenty of comprehensive football history and footballer profiles are available online in text or video formats. Squires highlights major events with hilarious prose and images. They not only provide a good laugh but also serve as informative reference materials.

His work is a brilliantly sharp satire of bizarre happenings on the football pitch, such as the Zidane headbutt and the Suárez bites. If you have some knowledge of the game, you will find his work very funny.




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