《Tom Simpson: Bird On The Wire》


Tom Simpson: Bird On The Wire
作者:Andy McGrath


不過在風光背後,費路美亦傳出了藥檢不及格的新聞,不免令人有諸般揣測。熟悉職業單車歷史的,可能還會想起費路美的前輩——半世紀前英年早逝的英國單車名將辛普森(Tom Simpson)。


去年是辛普森逝世50周年。單車服裝公司Rapha出版了辛普森傳,名為Bird on the Wire。此書出版後廣受好評,最終甚至奪得體育書籍最高榮譽的「威廉希爾年度體育好書」獎。

Tom Simpson: Bird On The Wire
Author: Andy McGrath

Following his championship victories at the Tour de France and Vuelta a España, British star road racing cyclist Christopher Froome won the Giro d’Italia again. Having scooped up three major titles in the cycling world in just 10 months, Froome is receiving lots of media attention. This year’s Tour de France will kick off next month and cycling fans are eager to see whether or not Froome can defend his crown.

Behind the glamour, however, reports of Froome failing drug tests are triggering speculation. This might remind those who are familiar with professional cycling history of Tom Simpson – a renowned British cyclist who died young half a century ago.

Simpson was a cyclist in the 1960s and not well-known among Chinese people; his Wikipedia page is not even available in Chinese. Nonetheless, his name is extremely notable in the British sporting world as he was the first British cyclist ever to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France. Unfortunately, this national hero died in 1967 during the Tour de France at the age of 29. A drug overdose was the rumoured cause. A monument has since been erected at Mont Ventoux, the site where he lost his life.

Last year was the 50th anniversary of Simpson’s death. To mark his passing, Rapha, a cycling clothing brand, published a biography of Simpson titled Bird on the Wire. It has received widespread positive reviews and even won the highest honour for sports books – The William Hill Sports Book of the Year award.

This book’s strengths are twofold. First, its printing and binding are exquisite, making it a typical coffee table book providing readers with the beautiful sensation of turning book paper pages. Secondly, the book contains many rare photos that cycling fans will love and that help to provide a more concrete account of Simpson’s life.




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