《Me and the Table》


《Me and the Table》
作者:Stephen Hendry
出版社:John Blake

「在中國,球迷們把我叫做桌球皇帝,但我卻連續在第一輪就被Robert Milkins淘汰。Robert Milkins是一個你永遠都不應該輸的對手,所以當我輸掉了那場比賽後, 我知道自己崩潰只是時間問題了。」










退役多年,甚至他的外甥也成為了職業球手,最近還擊敗過「火箭」奧蘇利雲,不得不使桌球迷感慨時間不留人。亨特利去年再度出版自傳「Me and the Table」,細訴了許多不為外人道的經歷。


Me and the Table
Author: Stephen Hendry
Publisher: John Blake

As an old saying goes, hardships can be truly felt only after actual experience.

We usually see only the moments people shine, and we can easily get jealous of them, wondering why they are so blessed with luck.

He once went shopping at Versace with his girlfriend, and they were greeted with a round of champagne. But, you never knew his family was frequently threatened. He was once warned that if he won a match, his son would be splashed with acid.

He once taught the Crown Prince of Brunei to play snooker for one hour. His reward was reportedly £5,000 and a knife inlaid with diamonds and rubies. But, you never knew he spent much of his childhood packing potatoes in his father’s store.

He was world champion seven times, a record that has yet to be broken. But, you never knew after becoming world champion for the seventh time, he suffered from the yips for ten years, which is the loss of fine motor skills in athletes.

He is the king of snooker – Stephen Hendry from Scotland.

No celebrities were born successful. All of them go through hard times at one point or another, but we rarely hear about them.

Time waits for no man. Hendry has been retired for many years. His niece has become a professional snooker player and beat the Rocket, Ronnie O’Sullivan. Last year, Hendry re-published his autobiography – Me and the Table – to reveal many of his never-before-known experiences, key moments in his career, and his interesting relationships with his competitors.

This book was shortlisted for Autobiography of the Year by The British Sports Book Awards this year. Although it did not win, it is a worthwhile read for snooker fans and other sports enthusiasts.




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