Running: The Autobiography



The Autobiography
作者:Ronnie O’Sullivan






Running: The Autobiography
by Ronnie O’Sullivan

The 2018 World Snooker Championship will be held in April. British snooker player Mark Selby has taken three champion titles in four years. While who will win this year’s champion’s trophy is anyone’s guess, what we do know is that Selby’s popularity is clearly not on par with another British snooker player, the 42-year-old Ronnie O’Sullivan, whose world ranking is just behind that of Selby’s and who is still in good physical condition despite his age.

O’Sullivan has published two works of fiction and two autobiographies. The book we are introducing this time is his second autobiography entitled Running.

O’Sullivan is an amateur running enthusiast who has clocked up some awards in a number of road races. He used to rely on drugs and alcohol to keep him going in the face of various pressures but was able to beat his addictions ever since he started taking up running.

In this book, he recounts his ups and downs during his professional life, including “unforgettable” moments like walking away from a game as a result of losing his patience and refusal to complete a 147 break. Much of the book’s content is devoted to running, which may give readers the feeling that he loves running more than snooker. Give this book a try and find out for yourself.



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